Chris Michalak, a skilled consultant and trainer, offers skilled programs tailored to meet the unique needs of you and your dog, ensuring an enjoyable and effective training experience aimed at achieving your desired outcomes.

Board and Train (minimum 2 weeks): Ideal for families who are traveling for an extended period or wish to have professional training completed for their dog. During their stay at Chris’s home, dogs will receive focused training on obedience skills and behaviours, including field trips to test and proof these skills in everyday environments.

Obedience Training: Available in both private lessons and small group settings.

Group Classes: Chris helps you and your dog handle real-world situations outside your home. You’ll learn essential skills and tools to manage your dog in stimulating environments. Classes also include field trips to practice these skills amidst real-life distractions.

Private Lessons: This option is perfect for dogs or owners who prefer not to work in group settings, individuals with tight schedules, or those who want training specifically customized to their lifestyle and needs. Chris designs each lesson to focus on aspects that best suit your training goals.

Trick Training: Available both in-person and virtually. Trick training is an excellent way for you to build a strong relationship with your dog and enhance their confidence. Progress through various levels of trick training, from Novice to Champion, and watch your dog become a star. Participants will fulfill the requirements for the DMWYD titles upon completion.

Service Dog Coaching: As a Certified Service Dog Coach, Chris Michalak offers extensive training options for service dogs. She guides candidates from the beginning through to completion, teaching dogs complex, high-level skills that significantly impact their handler’s life.

The comprehensive program includes:
– Handler education on service dog laws
– Assessments
– Fundamental service dog skills
– Task training
– Public Access training
– Testing/evaluation
– And much more!